Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Investment in Twitter Not Paying Off: Platform Only Worth $15 Billion

It seems that the 44 billion dollars invested by Elon Musk last October 22 has not been such a good deal yet!

Twitter would only be worth 15 billion dollars!

Indeed, if the businessman recently admitted that the network had lost half of its value, the current estimate would be well below! Indeed, according to fund manager Fidelity, the little bird is now worth only a third of the price paid by Elon Musk to acquire it, or around 15 billion dollars.

We remember the many adventures before the validation of the operation, the fierce opposition of Twitter shareholders, the insistence of Elon Musk, before the legal reversal forcing him to buy this network which he no longer wanted! Even at the time, the banks – who had signed up behind him – weren’t really keen on this new adventure.

the reasons behind this devaluation

It is not clear on what elements (and what weighting) this estimate is based. But it seems serious enough to have been picked up by Bloomberg.

It must be said that with the exodus of advertisers (and advertising revenue), the implementation of the Twitter Blue subscription (and the loss of verified certification) or the massive layoffs (in particular of moderation teams to be reconciled with the new European standards or its possible banishment), the platform did not have to increase its value. However, the appointment of Linda Yaccarino as head could perhaps slow down or reverse the situation?

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2023-05-31 15:57:47

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