Elon Musk’s plan to build Tesla on Mars

The existence of Elun Musk is so alien to that of us ordinary people that the greatest desire of his life is to build a Tesla factory on Mars. A big step forward if you think that once upon a time the dream of many people was just “to be an astronaut”.

He said this at Tesla’s shareholders’ meeting in Austin, Texas and the even stranger fact is that this dream, if a lot of things go as they need to go, might as well make it happen.

“We are a long way from Tesla’s first off-planet factory,” he said in response to a question from shareholders on this issue. “I mean, I’d like to see one before I die. That would be really cool.”

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Tesla currently has four manufacturing plants on Earth (we are at the point of having to specify the planet by now): Fremont, California; Sparks, Nevada; Buffalo, New York and Shanghai, China. They will soon arrive in Berlin and in Austin, Texas.

But this idea of ​​moving factories out of the world is not new.

In July, after his flight into space, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos said the polluting industry must be moved into space to protect Earth’s environment.

“We have to take all the heavy industry, all the polluting industry, and move it to space. And keep the Earth as the beautiful planetary gem it is,” Bezos told MSNBC. “You can’t imagine how subtle the atmosphere is when you see it from space. We live in it and it looks so big. It looks like it’s huge and we can ignore it and treat it badly. When you get up and see it from the outside, you see how small and how much it is. It’s fragile.”

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According to Musk (who is famously very optimistic about his plans) humans will arrive on Mars by 2026 (NASA says 7 years later) and will be able to live on the Red Planet by 2050, in “glass domes”, while that world icy and desert will be terraformed. Basically, in his idea of ​​space exploration, we will all be moving on electric machines of his production. At the moment, it is enough to wait a few years to see if reality will align with the billionaire’s wishes or not.

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