Elon Musk's technique to know whether or not you lie in a job interview


If Elon Musk interviewed you to work in his company and asks you how you solved the problems you had in your last job, what would you answer?

6, 2019

2 min read

What were the labor problems more difficult than you faced and how did you solve them? Be honest for a moment and think if you were really able to find a solution or just turned around and ran.

If you were in one job interview with Elon musk To hire you, with this question he would realize if you are lying or not during the meeting, and if you are really fit to take up a vacancy in your company. Surely your answer would reveal the skills you have to face challenges and difficulties.

This was the secret that Musk revealed during the World Government Summit in Dubai, where he said he usually asks this question as it reveals the role that a candidate previously plunged into a project or company.

But how can you know if he is a good candidate or not with this question? Musk says that people who lie do not usually talk about it extensively because they didn't really work to solve a problem.

According to the founder of Tesla, "the people who really solved the problem know exactly how they solved it," and also "anyone who struggles with a problem never forgets it."



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