Elpiji truck left lit in the middle of the road, the driver lay with blood covered in robbery


An LPG gas truck was robbed in the Cilincing area, North Jakarta, Wednesday (11/5/2022) in the morning

GridOto.com – An LPG gas truck driver lay covered in blood on the side of the road in the Cilincing area, North Jakarta, Wednesday (11/5/2022) early morning.

He was robbed while driving an LPG gas truck.

This was recorded in a video shared by an Instagram account @forumwartawanpolri.

“Bang, please, bang, around the Kebantenan area, please, bang, there are victims of being robbed,” said the video recorder.

“The gas driver, please, sir,” he added.

In the video, the truck driver can be seen groaning in pain.

He squirmed while holding the body part that was injured and covered in blood.

The truck was left in the middle of the road.

The truck was left with the engine still running.

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