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Elseworlds: Take a look at Superman and Lois Lane in CW's crossover

The CW's Elseworlds Crossover event has just gotten a lot more awesome.

The first image of Superman and Lois Lane from the much-populated mashup of the network's popular DC Comics series arrow, The Lightning, and Super Girls was posted on Instagram thanks to Tyler Hoechlin's contribution. Hoechlin made appearances in Super GirlsThat's second and third season as Clark Kent and his capped alter ego, and will repeat the role in Elseworlds next to new actor Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane.

Hoechlin's turn as supes was well received. Some observers call his portrayal the best live action superman since Christopher Reeve. Tulloch appeared in the long-running ABC series wrath, and appeared on the big screen in 2015 concussion,

It's exciting news for Arrowverse fans who really want it ElseworldsEven the title evokes warm feelings for DC lovers. The Elseworlds Comic series did not capture canonical stories that appeared in little explored corners of DC Multiverse, much like the eponymous Marvel series What if? The title implies some potential problems for CW's multiverse – especially given that the event is planned Designated survivor Actor LaMonica Garrett as a monitor, a reality-distorting alien being.

As we have already reported, the series will also include the debut of Ruby Rose as Batwoman, which will probably pave the way for the solo series of this character. This would be the first openly gay superhero to override a live action project that's long overdue.

The rumor mill continues to insist Elseworlds can represent a test run for a superman Series with Hoechlin, although this has not been confirmed. As for the obvious missing component – Batman – CW President Mark Pedowitz has passed all mixed messages and confirmed that the Caped Crusader is indeed in the Arrowverse while repeatedly downplaying plans for a possible screen launch.

The three aforementioned series of Arrowverse – together with Legends of tomorrowwho will exploit the crossover event – have gained popularity exceeding CW's wildest expectations. The current seventh season of arrow was one of the strongest, The Lightning has improved steadily even in the five seasons, and Super Girls has won the hearts of audiences, thanks in particular to the victorious performance of Melissa Benoist in the title role.

Therefore, the series has filled the hole in the hearts of fans who have left the most disappointing films of the DC Extended Universe. Many of these fans have noticed that, with Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, and the Elongated Man Arrowverse already featured, we might come close to suspecting a number of heroes who resemble certain Justice League comic incarnations, though the CW Fans Are Convinced It seems they have not tried to summarize the words "Justice" and "League" in one sentence.

In any case, the news of Superman's involvement Elseworlds It may not be more welcome, and the introduction of Lois Lane suggests that the CW has much more for the character.

The three nights Elseworlds The event starts on the 9th of December with a series of The Lightningcontinue with arrow on the 10th of December and Super Girls on the 11th of December


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