EM talk on France against Switzerland

EM-Talk #9

“I would like a penalty shootout against France” – “Oh no, don’t!”

Today, 9 p.m. Round of 16 against France. Will Switzerland create the sensation? Editor-in-chief Patrik Müller thinks the Swiss take their mouths a bit full. Sports director François Schmid-Bechtel, on the other hand, says: “If a team tends to be arrogant, then the French.”

Sure, France is the reigning world champion. And France’s team is worth around four times as much as the Swiss national football team. Nevertheless, Schmid-Bechtel believes there is a chance for today’s round of 16. And why not defeat two traumas with one game? That of the recurring failure in the last sixteen. And the penalty trauma.

Müller has not yet overcome the penalty trauma either. Again and again he reminds of the flickering Marco Streller, how he failed miserably in the 2006 World Cup last sixteen against Ukraine from a penalty point.

Both talkers are encouraged by the examples of Austria and the Czech Republic: One outsider almost managed to kick Italy out, and the other succeeded in the coup against the favored Dutch.

In the next EM talk on Tuesday: The review of the last 16 hit against France.

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