Embarrassing moment at Neatza! Dani Oțil, face to face with his ex-wife’s ex-boyfriend

The singer came on the show with his new wife, Codruța Filip. After singing a song together, the artists were taken to “interrogation”, for a few seconds, by the co-presenter Florin Ristei, writes cancan.ro.

Dani Oțil did not want to create an even more inopportune moment, missing from the landscape as long as the guests were present on the set of the Antena 1 show.

Although Valentin and Codruța did not spend much time talking on the set, the popular music singer wanted to convey that he and his chosen one of his heart said “Yes” in front of the registrar, on October 10 and that they are extremely happy.

Gabriela Prisăcariu and Dani Oţil postponed their wedding

Dani Oţil and Gabriela Prisăcariu decided to postpone the day when they will become husband and wife, and this secret was revealed in an interview that the presenter took from his guests: Ecaterine and Dimitri. The two artists not only form a couple on stage, but also in real life. At one point, the singer asked the future bride a question… and her groom announced that the wedding was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“By the way, Gabi, how about this collage, would you like to listen to it at your wedding?” How did you like it “, Ecaterine asked during the show” Neatza with Răzvan and Dani “.

“I’m sorry, but because of the virus, the wedding was postponed,” Dani Oţil revealed two months after he asked Gabriela Prisăcariu for his wife, to whom he gave a beautiful diamond ring during a vacation in Mexico.

“So, what does Gabriela think about this?”, The singer reacted.

“Well, we will ask about the virus,” replied the morning presenter of Antena 1, without making any other revelations about the happy event in his life.

Who is Gabriela Prisăcariu

Gabriela Prisăcariu is one of the most admired and, at the same time, controversial contestants who participated in “Supermodels by Cătălin Botezatu”. At the time, he made the following statement: “Men are generally looking for bad women. So far I haven’t found my half and I’m not looking. I was with men who gave me slippers because they thought I was beautiful, and I have something on my mind, so before I left them, they preferred to take this step ”.

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