Embarrassing records of Tex unveiled at the Labor Court


In conflict with the production company Sony Pictures Television since its ouster z’amours , the former host of France 2 was auditioned at the tribunal des prud’hommes in Paris on Wednesday.

It starts badly for Tex. On Wednesday, the comedian had an appointment with the Labor Court of Paris in the context of the conflict with his former employer. Clarity of the presentation of z’amours as a result of’ a joke about domestic violence told in It’s just TV on C8, the former host of France 2 has, in effect, decided to attack Sony Pictures Television for “Abusive breach of contract” and claims 1.2 million euros corresponding to 24 months of salary, ie 666,000 euros, plus allowances.
Our confreres Parisian say that during the hearing, the lawyer of the production company reported disturbing recordings from the rushes of z’amours . In one of them, Tex evokes the joke that precipitated his dismissal. “I did it for the buzz. Anyway, I knew what I was doing. It was to talk about me, “said the lawyer quoting the comedian. Soon after that it’s about a female candidate z’amours that Tex has probably slipped. “She’s a slut with her big boobs,” added the lawyer before mentioning “suspicious movements” practiced by the former host while another participant in the game of France 2 confided to him not to have a very sexuality active.
“I have nothing to hide”

Subsequently, the defense of the production revealed insulting remarks Marlène Schiappa, State Secretary for Equality between Women and Men , who had reported to the Superior council of audio-visual the “joke” unworthy and disrespectful which trivializes the conjugal violence “of Tex. Finally, the lawyer for Sony Pictures Television recounted an exchange between the comedian and a colleague: “Ah, I have not fucked you yet? Because you know, I take them in front, behind, on the side.

And as if that was not enough, just the audition ended, Tex is caught by a lawyer, stranger to the case, present in the room having caught him recording the audience with his smartphone what is totally illegal. According to our colleagues from Parisian , the lawyer reported the former facilitator’s blunder to the other side: “When I asked him if he was recording the hearing, he said,” Yes, I do not. ” have nothing to hide “”. Taken on the fact, Tex then tried to justify himself: “Bah, I do not have a script, me. And then, I did not know. It follows a heated exchange between the two parties.
Back to the bar, Jérémie Assous , Tex’s lawyer, assures that his client has deleted the registration. “I reminded him that it was forbidden and as I speak, there is no recording … Even if there was a recording, it was erased, there is no trace of this hearing in his phone, “said the lawyer, tell our colleagues of The Express . “I still invite you to remind Mr. Tex that it is forbidden. It’s written on the door, “said the president. And to conclude: “The incident is closed”. As for the judgment, the verdict will be delivered on July 27th.


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