Embracing the Contents of Luhut and Puan’s Conversation During Breakfast on the Island of the Gods


Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan and Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, met at breakfast in Bali. The contents of the conversation between Luhut and Puan at breakfast on the Island of the Gods have now been revealed.

Luhut’s meeting with PDIP DPP Chair Puan Maharani took place in Bali, Thursday (24/3) morning. Luhut’s spokesman, Jodi Mahardi, said the meeting was coincidental at breakfast.

“Meet by chance for breakfast at ST Regis Bali,” said Jodi Mahardi to detik.comFriday (25/3/2022).

The second meeting was known on the last day of the 144th IPU, where Puan during the event was in Bali. Meanwhile, Luhut was in Bali ahead of Jokowi visiting the GWK Cultural Park for the G20 Summit.

“(Luhut and Puan) just chat,” said Jodi.

In the photo circulating, it appears Luhut wearing a white shirt and black pants. Meanwhile, Puan Maharani wore a black dress. At that moment, Puan was accompanied by her husband, Hapsoro Sukmonohadi.

So, what are they really talking about?

Furthermore, the topic discussed by Luhut and Puan…

Watch the video ‘PDIP Reveals Luhut-Puan Meeting: Big Data Doesn’t Need To Be Discussed’:

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