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Emergencies in a state of emergency: strike in five major Parisian hospitals

Working conditions "Unbearable". The emergencies of the Paris hospitals are in a strong social expectation: an influx of patients ever more numerous, tensions due to traffic jams and waiting times, and even attacks from the healthcare staff, such as at the Saint-Antoine hospital (Paris XIIe). "There are not enough doctors and staff to welcome everyone, so patients sometimes wait a very long time and this creates frustration," explained in March a nurse at Daily doctor. A strike launched in this establishment last month is spreading. The emergencies of four other Parisian hospitals (Saint-Louis, Tenon, Pitié-Salpêtrière and Lariboisière) have joined the movement since Sunday, at the call of unions CGT, Sud Santé and FO.

And notice runs elsewhere. "General meetings will be held from Monday in all other hospitals of the AP-HP to decide whether they join the strike, says Christophe Prudhomme, emergency doctor and delegate CGT. Beyond the assaults suffered, it is the attitude of the management of the hospital that has angered the staff of Saint-Antoine. She did not find it useful to support the victims of violence psychologically and administratively. After being assaulted, two nurses and a nurse's aide had to order an Uber to file a complaint at the police station, without anyone from the management accompanying them. " This is recognized by the management of the AP-HP. "Contrary to the attitude that is recommended, it is true that no member of the management team came to the site […], does she concede in an email to Release. We acknowledged in a meeting with the team that, in this case, a more immediate presence of management would have been justified and the instructions were recalled and applied throughout the AP-HP . "

"Monstrous anger"

Faced with the crisis of emergencies, the unions demand the creation of posts to better manage the influx of patients, actions to secure premises and staff, and a premium of 300 euros per month for all emergency workers.

Claims to which Martin Hirsch, the director general of the AP-HP, responded in a letter addressed to the unions Usap, CGT and SUD health, that Release could consult. He says "The desire to strengthen the security of all sites to avoid the reproduction of aggression", thanks to the work of "restructuring" premises and means for "Strengthen surveillance teams". Martin Hirsch also admits the need "To better reflect the increase in activity […] by adjusting the numbers to the evolution of the number of passages ". But it highlights the difficulty of recruitment and announces immediately the creation of 45 new posts in emergencies. "Totally insufficient, Christophe Prudhomme answers: 45 posts for the emergency services of the 25 hospitals of the AP-HP, that is less than 2 reinforcements per hospital. This plan is not up to the needs. " He notes that the number of patients in hospital emergencies has almost doubled in just over fifteen years, from 12 million in 2002 to 22 million in 2018 in France. "There is a monstrous anger among agents who speak today because long-standing demands remain unanswered, particularly in terms of pay and employment," says Christophe Prudhomme.

Workforce, it is also question in another notice of strike, deposited this time by all the unions (CGT, CFDT, SUD, GSC, CFTC, FO, UNSA, SMPS) from April 18, in all the hospitals and services of AP-HP. All staff are therefore concerned by this movement to protest against the closure of beds and services. According to Christophe Prudhomme, the plan of the general manager, Martin Hirsch, "Plans to cut 1,000 jobs a year for the next five years. That means 5,000 fewer jobs at term ", in contradiction with the rise in load of the activity of the hospitals, in particular the emergencies. In a statement to AFP, management replies that it is going "Propose early next week" a meeting with the trade union organizations. And that she stays "Very attentive to social dialogue and [aux] claims " formulated.

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