emergencies on strike, open only to vital cases

Purpan and Rangueil emergencies and Toulouse psychiatric emergencies will operate on minimum service this Monday, June 20, due to a strike by nursing staff. Only cases of extreme gravity will be accepted there.

CHU Toulouse cardiology strike beds

After the nursing staff of Purpan, that of Rangueil joins the strike movement started on June 7 at the Toulouse University Hospital. They denounce the lack of staff, degraded working conditions and the uselessness of a Ségur de la santé having given birth to a mouse.

” The situation is serious, the hospital is on the brink. Faced with the legitimate demands of the staff, the management of the CHU shows only contempt and by this contempt endangers the health of the Toulouse population, assuming that this strike movement continues and that the emergencies can therefore be closed during the mobilization”, explains the CGT of the CHU of Toulouse.

For its part, the management of the Pink City Hospital Center claims to have opened the social dialogue since June 9 and having heard the demands made by the CGT and Sud unions. However, the latter report that faced with their request for staff reinforcement, “the answers given to the teams mobilized were not that it was too hard to recruit, but that it was not necessary ».

Toulouse emergencies in minimum service due to the nursing staff strike

Thus, since this Monday, June 20 at 7 a.m., the Adult emergencies at Purpan hospital and Rangueil hospital emergencies only accommodate life-threatening emergencies addressed by the Samu (Allo 15), and the psychiatric emergencies will maintain the only consultations. And this until Tuesday, June 21, 7 pm.

The CHU specifies: “If your state of health does not justify a call to the Samu but that you wish a medical response adapted to your needs (medical or therapeutic advice, a consultation appointment with a doctor, a renewal of prescription , etc.), contact private health establishments, your general practitioner or 3966 after 8 p.m., to be taken care of by a general practitioner on call. »