News Emergency solution: more patients on one ventilator

Emergency solution: more patients on one ventilator


The NVIC published today a manual explaining how this can be done. “We hope it doesn’t come that far, but we ask you to look at the document and the possibilities with you, in case the deliveries are late and the need is there,” the NVIC writes to the supporters.

644 on ic

The NVIC considers the number of beds available in the intensive care units since last night to be ‘small’. According to the latest figures from the association, 644 patients have been admitted to an IC who are sick with the coronavirus. That is 98 more than a day earlier.

People with the coronavirus who are in bad shape often need to be ventilated for weeks. Modern ventilators can deliver more volume and pressure than is necessary to ventilate one patient.

‘Exceptional circumstances’

They are not made for that. The authors of the manual emphasize that it is only in ‘exceptional circumstances’ to consider having several patients ventilated by the same device.

“This technique only applies to bridging the patient’s transport to a location where respirators are available or until new respirators are available at the patient’s location,” said the NVIC.

President Diederik Gommers said today in the House of Representatives that he is concerned whether the capacity of the ICs will still be sufficient next week.


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