Emily Ratajkowski and Co .: Topless! They are real bosom girlfriends

Emily Ratajkowski and Co .: Topless!  They are real bosom girlfriends

These models are real bosom girlfriends.
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Buttoned and high-necked? For these exquisitely naked celebrity ladies apparently an absolute foreign word. Instead, they delivered Heidi Klum . Emily Ratajkowski and Lena Gercke a real bosom battle. Who was in the lead? Decide for yourself!
Heidi Klum tumbles on top without Mexico
Heidi Klum started this week. The let it with her barely 16 years younger lover Tom Kaulitz in the Mexico holiday properly crack. Together with the “Tokio Hotel” guitarist, the 44-year-old delivered a wild smooching and fumbling. No wonder, after all, the five-time mother presented her supposedly new friend just up without. The public display of Hans and Franz – so the names of Heidis breasts – has of course not escaped the numerous paparazzi arrived. You can see Heidi’s latest topless photos here !

Emily Ratajkowski nude: Hot nipple blitzer on Instagram
Also unveiled was model colleague Emily Ratajkowski. Almost every day, the 26-year-old provides her more than 17 million Instagram subscribers with sexy snapshots. Emily’s favorite body part: her bosom. She skillfully sets the scene in her current photo. But unlike Heidi, who kept her breasts uncensored in the cameras, Emily hides her hammer cleavage under a transparent plastic coat. The fans of the native Englishwoman, however, get a pretty hot sight: namely Emily’s nipples , Because it is hard to miss under the transparent garment.
Lena Gercke makes with her breasts for laughs
Hard to miss this week were the breasts of GNTM winner Lena Gercke. Has the German model agreed with her colleagues? Hardly likely! Because in contrast to her breast-girlfriends shows the 30-year-old only a copy of her breast. Dressed in a cropped white T-shirt with two breasts painted on top, she takes the permissive bosom photos of her predecessors on the shovel. With all the nude delusion of the past few days is Lena’s censored bosom but actually a welcome change. Or what do you mean?
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