Emily Seebohm’s life before the Tokyo Olympics.

“I was in bed almost every day before Rio between (training) sessions, just to let my body recover so I could do a good session that night,” she told News Corp in 2017.

“Some days I just couldn’t get up. I just couldn’t make my body do it. I was too tired. I wasn’t riding my horse, I couldn’t go to pole-dancing, I was doing none of that stuff I love to do and I missed the fun of it.

“I thought I was losing my mind. I would say… ‘This isn’t me. What’s wrong with me? Why am I struggling?’”

At the time, she recalled feeling “flat and down and in a dark hole”.

Before being diagnosed, Seebohm said she didn’t think anything was wrong and the pain she was feeling simply had to do with her pushing herself in training.

“I never really saw it as something else, like I would put it down to training really hard or thinking that I’m not as young as I was and not as energised as I used to be,” she told The Courier Mail.

“It’s hard to separate the two but I think for me, it made me a stronger person because I had to go through that and race with that.”

The 29-year-old is now an ambassador for Endometriosis Australia and encourages other women to share their experiences with endometriosis.

Emily Seebohm’s public breakup with Olympic swimmer Mitch Larkin.

Seebohm made headlines in 2018 when she announced her split from fellow swimmer Mitch Larkin.

The pair were the golden couple of Australian swimming and quickly became caught up in a scandal after speculation rose that Larkin had cheated.

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The rumours were born from reports that Seebohm found text messages from another woman on Larkin’s phone. She later announced their breakup on Instagram.

“Due to current events that have occurred, Mitch Larkin and I have decided to end our relationship and go our separate ways,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.