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Eminem becomes & # 39; continue & # 39; Machine Gun Kelly picking up his daughter

Eminem is furious that machine gun Kelly once talked about his daughter Hailie's looks and he is ready to make her wild feud even more intense if it continues.

Eminem, 45, and Machine gun Kelly, 28, have made big headlines with their evil feud and Em is ready to take it further, if need be, especially when it comes to his daughter, Hailie22. Although MGK has not disappointed the rapper's daughter, Em seems to be preparing for anything and is not afraid to take action when things get out of hand. "Eminem will continue to rip Machine Gun Kelly until he feels he has learned his lesson, and Kelly can try to hit anything he wants, but he'll never be able to land a sting," said a source near Eminem EXCLUSIVE Hollywood life, "Eminem thrives on lyrical battles, and he has destroyed many more worthy opponents in the past than Kelly, it's about respect, and as far as Eminem is concerned, Kelly has to learn that, STAT, they have not been fooling Eminem girls for years and claiming to be his Being a successor and then expect him to take over, and one thing is for sure, if you then put Em's daughter in the mix, he'll come and you're better prepared for the ass he'll give you. "

MGK once called the then 16-year-old Hailie in a tweet in a tweet in 2012, and although it's not the main factor in their feud, Em knows about it and considers it "disrespectful." As every Eminem fan knows, his daughter is one of the most important people in his life, and as a dad, it seems as if he is doing everything possible to protect her.

Despite Em's feelings, it does not seem that MGK will withdraw from the feud in the foreseeable future. He recently named Ems Dissong "Killshot" Trash when he tweeted some comments on his Twitter account on September 14th. It will be interesting to see where things are going from here, but we hope the two can fix things soon!


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