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Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica bids farewell to his band The No Smoking Orchestra on their latest tour. The group was active for more than 20 years with its mixture of ethnic music, pub and of cinema that has conquered public in countries of Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

“Now we feel that this adventure must end at the most cathartic moment, which is the best. It was not an easy decision, but sometimes things come to an end,” he explained in an interview with the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nación’.

The Serbian has twice won the Palme d’Or at Cannes for ‘Dad is on a business trip’ (1985) and ‘Underground’ (1995) and the Venice Silver Lion for ‘Do you remember Dolly Bell?’ (1981) and ‘Black Cat, White Cat’ (1998). Also, this year she published a book called ‘Don’t you see that I don’t see?’ about the Austrian and Nobel Prize for Literature Peter Handke.

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He has also been recognized for making a film for Diego Armando Maradona. In a dialogue with ‘La Nación’, he mentioned that the loss of the ‘ten’ was a very strong blow for him. “He left his magic as a mark in which we recognize the greatness of the game itself, which would never have been what it is today without people like Diego.“, he mentioned.

In turn, he made a film about Pepe Mujica, former president of Uruguay. For the Serbian it was a wonderful experience to be able to share with the South American for his perspective of freedom. “Pepe is a man who deeply lives the real world and for whom different languages ​​are not a barrier to spread its positive energy among people who do not speak Spanish“, he pointed out in the interview.

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Emir Kusturica was last weekend at the Cordillera Festival in Bogotá, where he shared the stage with artists such as Caifanes, Totó La Momposina and The Wailers.

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