Emirates Group: 30,000 jobs could be cut


Due to the temporary, almost complete cessation of travel, the profits of the company plummeted.

(Photo: AP)

According to a media report, the Emirates Group is considering cutting around 30,000 jobs as the operator of the world‘s largest long-haul airline plans to reduce the cost of ground-based air traffic after the corona virus pandemic.

The group could reduce the number of employees, according to insiders, by about 30 percent from more than 105,000 at the end of March. Emirates is also considering accelerating the A380 fleet retirement, according to the Bloomberg news agency. An Emirates spokesman declined to comment.

Airlines around the world are cutting jobs after being hit by an unprecedented, almost complete cessation of travel. Around 70 percent of global transportation capacity is unused, and the industry will lose $ 314 billion in ticket sales this year, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Emirates President Tim Clark told Abu Dhabi-based “The National” earlier this month that he expected “moderate” demand for air travel at least for the next few years. He also referred to the pandemic as a black swan for the industry, a rare event with extreme repercussions. Emirates plans to launch passenger flights to nine cities on May 21, according to media reports

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