Emirates News Agency – A decrease in the number of injuries and deaths from “Corona” in Russia

MOSCOW, January 9 / WAM / The death toll from the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” in Russia has witnessed a decrease for the two indicators during the past 24 hours.

And the Russian health authorities announced in their daily report, according to the “Interfax” news agency, that 16,246 new cases of the virus were recorded during the last day, compared to 16,568 cases yesterday, bringing the total number of infections recorded to 10,650,849 infections, and 763 deaths were recorded during the last. 24 hours, compared to 796 deaths yesterday, bringing the total number of deaths resulting from the epidemic in the country to 316,163 deaths, with 20,751 patients recovering, bringing the total of those recovered to 9,686,912 people.

The epidemiological situation in Russia has improved in recent days, with the number of infections declining as well as the number of deaths.

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