Emirates wants to remove windows from planes and we already have claustrophobia

Emirates wants to remove windows from planes and we already have claustrophobia


Claustrophobia is not a joke, those who suffer from it really feel that they are going to die every time they have to enter a small space or full of people. For them, getting into a car or a plane can be torture, and now it could be even worse thanks to the not brilliant idea of Emirates , that airline that has huge suits instead of seats so you do not have to suffer 10 hours sitting in a place where you can not even fit legs. The airline has a new proposal with which they want to make the experience of flying better (for whom?). Tim Clarke , the president of the airline, commented in an interview with the BBC who are thinking about a future in the that the planes do not have windows , but digital screens that show you videos of the landscapes that are outside (spend to spend? or great idea?). This idea is already being tested in the company’s new Boeing 777-300ER, it is installed inside the first class cabins and it works using fiber optic cameras that transmit the high quality images that, supposedly, are much better than your eyes let you see from normal windows. Clarke says that this is not just a whim, he believes it would help the aircraft to be resistant, lighter, and, therefore, much faster, helping to reduce travel times and save fuel in the process. Ok, maybe it’s not such a bad idea if we see it on that side, but there are some security issues that you will have to solve before these windows replace the normal ones (or did you think that when you were asked to open the window it was just to bother you?). For example, as the BBC mentions, in case of accidents or fires, the crew needs to be able to see outside to assess the seriousness of the situation and find the best solution, evacuate the plane without knowing what is outside, or how badly damaged There is the cabin, it could be dangerous. In addition, they assure that, if the plane’s system fails because of this accident, then the whole system would collapse, leaving everyone in the dark and the team to know what to do (because they can not see out). The European Aviation Safety Agency He says that this is not such a serious problem, and that, if you think about it, it can be corrected, but the idea of ​​being trapped inside a floating can, without being able to see what is happening is quite terrifying. The good news is that there is still a long way to go before we can see an airplane with this technology in all its cabins (first class and coach) and it is likely that they will have to convince many before they can get this from Emirates to other airlines. If you are claustrophobic, do not worry, the windows will be there for much longer, so you will not have to cancel your next vacation.

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