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Emma Stone joins Ralph Fiennes in a black comedy by Alexander Payne

The actress Emma Stone – WENN

Emma Stone and Ralph Fiennes have agreed to join Alexander Payne in the kitchen to prepare for his upcoming film The Menu. According to
Deadline, the director of Nebraska would have called his project a black comedy, an adaptation to the Tarantino documentary The One-Percent which, released in 2016, sought to portray the world of the great international elites.

Ralph Fiennes will be playing a world-class chef who is organizing on an island a very exclusive culinary event that will be reminiscent of a certain Fyre festival. Except that the guests who will be ruined to participate are unaware that the chef had planned to incorporate "special ingredients" in his menu!

Emma Stone on the menu

As you can see, Alexander Payne is preparing a horror comedy with a good acid tone. And it seems that Emma Stone is one of the first victims of this unusual meal since she should embody one of the wealthy characters invited to this unusual tasting. If no date has yet been communicated, we know that The Menu will be produced by Gary Sanchez Productions, the
Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, the director of Vice, released in 2018.


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