Emmanuel Macron in unknown land


This stay in Vosges lands is akin to a new exercise of style for the President of the Republic. A few days after giving an interview on TF1 from a rural school in Orne, then Médiapart and BFMTV, this three-day visit is a new pivotal moment for Emmanuel Macron in his reconquest of rural territories. Far from the Parisian spheres and the big cities that made him elected, the head of state must provide some answers to the concerns of this France of the forgotten. What’s better than the Vosges department for this new educational exercise? In spite of numerous assets, this territory alone brings together all the current problems observed in the rural areas: medical desertification, unemployment, isolation, removal of schools in the villages, disappearance of some small railway lines, reduction of endowments, limitation to 80 km / h, end of subsidized contracts, increase of the CSG, etc. The list of concerns giving rise to disputes is long. From elected officials to shopkeepers to school heads, nurses, sportsmen, motorists and even railway workers, many of them are on edge, exhausted, and no longer hesitate to let them know (read moreover). In the street or by other means.
In a department 100% right In terms of pure politics, this shift is not trivial either. The Vosges, historically, are a land of the right. The last elections confirmed this, totally escaping the En Marche wave with six LR or related parliamentarians now in place. Similarly, the results of the presidential elections were hardly favorable to the candidate Macron. If he arrived at the head of the second round, the first act confirmed the foundation of a National Front increasingly well established in the Vosges, exposing the desolation of the inhabitants of small villages. Marine Le Pen was indeed in the lead with 29.12% of the vote against 19.86% for Emmanuel Macron. Faced with this, the seduction operation initiated by the President of the Republic will be all the more complicated. Convince and reassure, yes, but how? By making Epinal a stronghold of Europe, from which will be launched the famous citizen consultations. By posing as a strong defender of local commerce and downtown areas in danger. With a focus on rural success, these companies innovate to conquer new markets. The challenge is great for the head of state. Seb. C.


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