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Emmanuel Macron seeks "the wahou effect" to get out of the big debate

Emmanuel Macron at the last European summit in Brussels. – SIPA

  • Emmanuel Macron is to answer this week's big debate by speaking in a form still unknown.
  • A large part of the announcements must relate to taxation.
  • Other expected paths: support for single mothers and the democratic crisis.

Five months of crisis of "yellow vests", two months of
great debate and what in the end? This is the challenge
Emmanuel Macron must answer this week. The latest news he had to speak – in a form still unknown – earlier this week. For some, the President of the Republic plays big during this intervention: nothing less than his ability to action for the rest of his five-year … which, remember, has not yet blown his second candle.

Failing to know where we are going – The world recently reported that even the heavyweights of the government do not know anything about the intentions of the tenant of the Elysee – for several days, everyone goes to his small priority in the press. And until the government. What influence Emmanuel Macron? Nothing is less sure.

Tax justice on all mouths

In the meantime, it seems pretty obvious that a lot of the announcements will be about taxation. "Tax justice" is a recurring theme of the great debate. But how ? AT 20 minutes ex-LREM MP Matthew Orphelin wants to "make income tax more progressive". Ditto for Macedonian MP Fiona Lazaar, who wants "a softer entry into the income tax". This could result in more slices.

A concern that joins many demands from the opposition, The Republicans wants to "return money to the French." Clearly lower taxes, a probable hypothesis, just listening to the speech of the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, last Monday, during the synthesis of the great debate. And since the return of wealth tax (ISF) seems excluded, the counterpart could come from a planing or removal of some tax loopholes. The deputy Orphelin calls anyway his wishes.

Responses to the democratic crisis

Other social measures are expected. Fiona Lazaar would like, for example, "support for isolated mothers". Improving the payment of child support to single mothers is one of the most important measures for some elected members of the majority. The place taken in the movement of "yellow vests" by women and especially these isolated mothers is not for nothing.

From the point of view of the method, Mathieu Orphelin insists on the necessity of a response to the "democratic crisis" symbolized by the "yellow vests". According to him, a new tool is needed for the "citizen's eye" to be in direct contact with the representative system symbolized by Parliament. "I proposed the creation of a citizens' assembly, by drawing lots, with the presence of the constituted bodies. "A sort of improved Social and Environmental Economic Council" but that does not have to be another thing. "

The return of proportional representation for the legislative elections

Others speak of a probable return of a "dose of proportional" for the election of deputies (20% would be elected on the list, against 15% in a previous government project). More surprising: the idea of ​​Nicolas Sarkozy the territorial adviser (the regional and departmental advisor would be one, which would sit in both institutions) could return to the forefront. The former president had never been able to complete his community reform. On the other hand, we should not hear about the RIC, the citizens' initiative referendum, which has become a slogan for "yellow vests".

So many measures more or less expected, and finally not so far from the Macronist line. That is not necessarily enough to convince the "yellow vests" or at least their more or less vague sympathizers, who still represent about half of the country, according to polls. That's why Emmanuel Macron would be looking, according to observers, for a surprise, a "wahou effect" that would mark the spirits.

"Flip the table"

Matthieu Orphelin is risking a proposition, "a big rib," he admits, but, according to him, a way of "returning the table": the taxation of kerosene. This member of environmental sensitivity, close to Nicolas Hulot, does not see how there could be no green measures in the announcements of the president. "This contribution is widely requested in the big debate. People do not understand why we are increasing taxes on fuel but not kerosene. "

"This would fund small train lines and other mobilized alternatives," said the MP of Maine-et-Loire, who does not forget that the appointment of November 17 th left there.


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