Emmanuel Macron shares a photo of him on Instagram: a detail makes Internet users react

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On Tuesday, more than 10 million French schoolchildren, college and high school students returned to distance education. Saturated networks, teachers and students have encountered many technical problems. Aware of the difficulties caused by the measures he himself announced last week, Emmanuel Macron showed his support for teachers and families on Twitter and Instagram.

The French president in particular invited himself to a history course by videoconference with college students from the Itard college in Oraison (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence). He thanked the teachers, students and families for their adaptability. But on Instagram, it is the photo that accompanied these thanks that appealed to Internet users. Some have deemed it unnecessary for the president to wear a mask while he is in front of his computer.

“I don’t see why you put on the mask when you’re alone in the room?”, asks for example a commentator. “Why does the guy have a mask at home ptdr”, writes another. Several Internet users are responsible for answering: he is not the only one in the room since there is a photographer …

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