Yet he had promised to stop the policy. But after following François Hollande, Mathieu Sapin became interested in his successor at the Elysée: Emmanuel Macron. A surrealist encounter as he confides to the Parisian: “He immediately tells me that my comic book is his bedside book … I think he’s talking about the one on Hollande, but no, it was the one on Depardieu” (Gérard, five years in the hands of Depardieu). A first good impression, of course. “I am very amazed by the guy’s personality. He knows how to make you feel like you really matter. I fall under the spell“specifies Mathieu Sapin.

Confidently, Emmanuel Macron will then make an astonishing request to the designer. “He leaves me with a big wink. Later, he will text me to ask if I can organize a dinner with Gérard“continues Mathieu Sapin who states that the president has”asked several times“to organize this meeting. And to conclude that”this clearly illustrates the relationship between politics and artists. Power always dreams of approaching them. Maybe because the politicians are envious of their freedom“.

The two men still haven’t met

So did the two men meet? Not to believe Gérard Depardieu. Guest on the show Don’t touch my post! last September, the actor nevertheless revealed to have been contacted by the president “he called me two, three times when I was in Albania (for a NDLR shoot), I said no, I don’t really want to. It’s not my world, but I respect it must be so hard“. Yet close to François Mitterrand, the actor had confided that he did not like politics. He wrote, moreover, in his book published in 2017:”power is inhuman. The political act is perverted from the start. Arrangements, lies, corruption, it is rigged to the point of obscene.

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