Emmanuel Macron: wife, age and parents

Emmanuel Macron is fighting for re-election as President of France. Before the 2022 elections in France, he looks back on a difficult term in office. A portrait.

Young, dynamic, self-confident and charismatic: in 2017 got France with Emmanuel Macron, a new president who should take on the role of visionary for France and savior of Europe. The latter was also repeatedly picked up by the German media, the young president stood for the hopes of a country and an entire continent. Five years later, the 44-year-old is fighting for re-election in the 2022 presidential election in France – and for the reputation that preceded him before his first term.

France election 2022: Macron looks back on a difficult tenure

On the evening of his election victory, May 7, 2017, Macron caused a stir with a trip to the Louvre, which quickly became a real celebrity. Joseph de Weck writes in his work “Emmanuel Macron. The Revolutionary President” that the walk bordered on a “ceremony of self-crowning”. He sees the French President as a very “French figure”. He is a child of statism, political tradition and elite enthusiasm. “From his high vantage point, there is no longer any reason for a legitimate political debate on many issues,” writes de Weck.

Many French people had hoped for a tough reformer in Macron, which they largely got. But the tenure of the eighth President of the 5th French Republic was difficult and marked by ups and downs. A low point was undoubtedly the yellow vest movement, which began in November 2018. Many French people took to the streets across the country to demonstrate against higher taxes on fossil fuels that Macrons had initiated. Demands for a reduction in all taxes and an increase in the minimum wage were subsequently made.

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Many French expressed their wish that they Politics want to help shape more in their home country. In large parts of the population, Macron has the image of a aloof and arrogant ruler who in many cases acts as the sole decision-maker. However, supporters of Macron indicate that he is doing exactly what he promised during the campaign. He takes on the role of the long-awaited reformer. The country is divided, the president seems to be caught between activism and megalomania when assessing the voters. The polls show that too. Macron is just ahead of challenger Marine Le Pen shortly before the runoff election on April 24, 2022. In 2017, not everyone saw Macron as a savior. In the first ballot, he got 24 percent of the votes.

Emmanuel Macron: Age, Wife, Origin, Siblings and Children

In order to understand Macron, you also have to look at his CV and look for clues in his family. A few facts are compiled below that describe Emmanuel Macron as a person in more detail.

  • Name: Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron
  • date of birth: 21.12.1977
  • Alter: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Amiens, France
  • parents: Jean-Michel Macron and Françoise Macron-Nouguès
  • Siblings: A brother (Laurent) and a sister (Estelle)
  • Wife: Brigitte Macron (since 2007)
  • Kinder: none of his own, his wife brought three children into the relationship from a previous marriage
  • Professional background: investment banker, secretary of commerce, president

Elections in France 2022: A former investment banker wants to remain president

With Macron, the President of France is occupied by a man who began his professional career in the financial sector. In 2005 he became Finance Director at the Treasury Department but left the public service three years later. In the private sector, Macron worked as an investment banker for Rothschild & Cie. before returning to politics in 2012. Under President Francois Hollande, he took on a role as economic adviser. In 2014, Macron became France’s economy minister.

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A trend-setting step followed for the French in April: he founded the party “La République En Marche” (LREM). He resigned from his position as Minister to concentrate fully on the election campaign. His success in the 2017 presidential election then came as a surprise.

Brigitte Macron: Emmanuel Macron’s wife plays an important role in the background

With Macron’s election victory, his wife also received a lot of attention. Brigitte Macron is almost 25 years older than her husband. The couple met when she was Emmanuel Macron’s teacher. Today she plays a key role in her husband’s presidency. The relationship is described by many media and companions as very intimate and close. The Première Dame of France usually stays in the background, appearing discreet in public. In the background, however, she is an important support for the President.

“She has many contacts and hears a lot. I listen to what she feels, what she says and what she is told,” revealed Emmanuel Macron in an interview with the Figaro. As a close advisor, Brigitte Macron is not in the limelight, but is an important link to the people. In the last five years she is said to have received around 100,000 letters from citizens, of which she has answered as many as possible.

Brigitte Macron (L) next to her husband Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Photo: Francois Mori, dpa (archive image)

Presidential election 2022 in France: Macron needs votes from the left

The election campaign fell largely flat for Macron in the run-up to the 2022 presidential election. Because of the Ukraine crisis and important issues such as the corona pandemic, the president refrained from many appearances and only held one real election campaign date. Some critics interpreted this as arrogance.

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In the runoff against Le Pen on April 24, 2022, he needs as many votes as possible from left-wing voters. His opponent belongs to the extreme right-wing camp around her Front Nationale party. In France, the election is currently being stylized as an election of fate, since a Le Pen victory would probably result in a major change in political course.

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