Joanna Robinson: What if a thug like Game of Thrones – who tasted it last year – dominates the tournament season again? That was the big question that went into the 2018 Emmy nominations. Although the show was a major player for a long time, there was some concern that the cut-off seventh season, which debuted nearly a year ago, would have faded in the minds of voters as nominations rolled around. Game of Thrones also took a gamble by bringing two of its stars – Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke – into the main cast instead of supporting them for the first time. This gambit did not end successfully – which means HBO In the leading actor categories, only three nominations for on-screen siblings Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage were awarded. Thrones still held the nominations, with a total of 22 – but its main competition, Westworld and The Handmaid's Tale, were just behind it with 21 and 20, respectively. More importantly, for the first time since the streaming service went serious, Netflix received more nominations than HBO: 112 to 108, breaking the 17-year HBO series as the most acclaimed TV network. Sonia, is this just a case of Game of Thrones dubbing his hand in some categories – or could it be the beginning of the end of a dynasty? Sonia Saraiya: It has to be the beginning of the end, right? I mean, do not get me wrong: I guess the last part of Game of Thrones will be an award juggernaut, and it's hard to judge the voters for the lost interest, though most of us have forgotten that Thrones this Year even entitled this time was broadcast last year. But this small number of nominations for actors suggests a dwindling interest. Instead, it seemed that voters were really interested in the deep benches of the ensembles in Westworld and The Handmaid's Tale. I did not even recognize the name Kelly Jenrette, one of the guest actress's nominees for the Hulu drama – but you better believe I know who she is now. It's interesting: The Academy has not been able to reward genre shows for a long time now it seems the genre is where it lives. It's the more traditional dramas that fell by the wayside this year: trillions, of which I'm sure had a chance, and Killing Eve – who made Sandra Oh the first Asian actress to be nominated for a lead role – was excluded from the Outstanding -Run. In the meantime, Franger Things has risen to the top category, which is cute. , , absolutely bizarre ?? And Tatiana Maslany was nominated for a show that I did not know if she would even be eligible this year. Joanna, I know that you want to say something clever, but let me scream a little first: SANDRA OH NOTES FOR BEST ACTRESS !! Robinson: You know that I'm in the recording with my love of killing. Can I join you in your All-Caps screaming, but in the other direction? OH MY GOD, HOW MIGHT YOU FORGET KYLE MACLACHLAN! With nine nominations, Twin Peaks has not been completely overlooked – but you can believe that the deeply ambitious 18-episode The Return was not nominated in the limited-edition category and that its lead actor for the three (THREE!) Brilliant Performances he was holding? It is amazing. At least his co-star Laura Dern has received a nomination for her truly amazing turnaround at HBO The Tale. I can not see anyone beating this performance in the lead actor category in a limited series – and it's a little unfair to compare TV performances to anything that was considered Oscar's potential, at least from Sundance's potential. Above all else, Dern seems to be a lock, considering all the goodies she's got from Big Little Lies at the Television Academy. When I started this section with an exclamation point of disappointment, it is only fair that I end it with an expression of joy. Long, overdue Emmy recognition for Kenan Thompson, who has set a record-breaking 15-year career on Saturday Night Live. He is cast by Castmates and other nominees Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and the president-impersonator Chief Alec Baldwin. McKinnon's two-year winning streak and Baldwin's win last year make it inevitable that at least one of the S.N.L. Performers will be going home with an Emmy this year, and I hope it's Thompson. Saraiya: I'm so curious about the coincidence of factors that made Thompson get an Emmy nomination 15 years after his term in office, but me I'm not complaining. The lock Saturday Night Live has on the Emmys can be a bit frustrating at times, but considering the players who got their first nominations, at least voters seem to appreciate not only the breakout performances but also the week hard work to keep the show interesting. Joanna, I'm also quite annoyed with Twin Peaks – mostly because it was beaten by TNT's The Alienist and Nat Geos Genius: Picasso, who also captured Antonio Banderas' lead actor nomination. It is always hard to accept which shows the voters of the Academy are excited about and which only arouse their interest. This year was the last chance that the fiery Halt and Catch Fire was nominated, but the Emmys never saw the show – and they did not want to start now. (Sorry, Lee Pace.) I also wish the Emmys had found a little more love in their hearts for BoJack Horseman, who was never nominated for outstanding animation series. Day after day, high maintenance, the good place, dear white people – so many of my favorite shows this year are not getting Emmy voters the same way they get me. But you can see those slivers where the industry is warming up to change, whether that's Oh's historic recognition, Ted Danson's nomination for The Good Place, or the late nomination for FX's The Americas – four plum nods for the final season , And a total of eight shows have been nominated in comedy series, which are surprisingly stacked for a category that only six honorees should wear. Did you really take a look at the intruders or surprises? I confess that Alison Brie was not my choice for the lead actress in a comedy – but I'm still shocked that she was not nominated for her fantastic achievements and her victory as Ruth on GLOW. Robinson: If I am honest If I had to choose someone on GLOW to nominate him, it would have been Betty Gilpin for her great supportive work. So I think that this is the case, in which the taste of the television academy and my taste are perfectly matched. As far as the category "leading actress in a comedy" is concerned, it is of course more open than it has been for a long time, as the long-time winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus is not the first time in six years. The favorite in this category is the great Rachel Brosnahan, who got a Golden Globe win for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel earlier this year. But one true potential dark horse is Pamela Adlon, who won a 2017 Peabody Award for her work FX & # 39; s better things. The TV Academy loves to spot multi-hyphenate talents like Donald Glover and Aziz Ansari, who are not just the stars of their shows, but creatives as well. As director of every single episode of the second season of her show and author of many of them, Adlon is a real force to be reckoned with. However, she might encounter resistance due to her long association with the disgraced Louis C.K., who served as executive producer and co-writer on Better Things. In other words, politically, that could be a difficult victory for them. As for politics, one last disappointment I would like to register is that Seth Meyers will be overlooked for the fourth year in a row. There has been much talk about Samantha Bee's nomination coming soon after a public disappointment with Ivanka Trump and serving as an anti-White House vibe from the television academy. And Bee is not alone when it comes to the politically heavy late-night candidates; HBO's John Trever and Comedy Central's Trevor Noah also landed. But what, I ask you, does Seth Meyers have to do to get a nomination for his show? Host of the Emmys? Oh, wait a minute; He did that years ago. Vanity Fair's HWD Newsletter Sign up for major industry and award news from Hollywood. Full Screen Photos: 2018 Emmy Nominations: All Acting NomineesLEAD ACTORS, DRAMESTERING K. Brown, This is UsPhoto: Courtesy of NBC.LEAD ACTOR, DRAMAMilo Ventimiglia , This Is UsPhoto: By Ron Batzdorff / NBC.LEAD ACTORS, DRAMAMatthew Rhys, The Americers Photo: Courtesy of FX.LEAD ACTORS, DRAMA Jason Bateman, Ozark Photo: By Jackson Davis / Netflix.SUPPORTING ACTORS, COMEDYAlec Baldwin, SNLPhoto: By Will Heath / NBC.SUPPORTING ACTOR, COMEDYTony Shalhoub, The Wonderful Lady Maisel Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.SUPPORTING ACTOR, COMEDYHenry Winkler, Barry Photo: By John P. Johnson / HBO.PreviousNext


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