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Emmy Spotlight: Natasha Lyonne ("Russian doll") wants to win

Natasha Lyonne has been a star since her youth, from her roles in Slums of Beverly Hills (1998), American Pie (1999) and But I & # 39; ma Cheerleader (1999) to her final round as prison inmate Nicky Nichols in "Orange is the new black". In her new Netflix series "Russian Doll," she trumps herself, starting with a high-concept premise and then evolving into new, bizarre, absurd and often moving directions. And she is not only the star of the show, she is also co-designer, author, director and producer.

Lyonne created with "Russian Doll" Leslye headland ("Bachelorette", "sleeping with other people") and Amy Poehler ("Parks and Recreation"), and she plays with Nadia Vulvokov, a video game designer celebrating her 36th birthday. But Nadia always dies in an ominous way and every time she does, she returns to the same moment to start over, like a video game character. Why is she in this time loop and how can she get out of it?

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That's all I'm going to say about the plot, because what begins as a simple premise evolves in an unexpected way that can best be experienced without any prior knowledge David Lynch "Groundhog Day" again. What is particularly noteworthy is how well Lynne controls the ship in all aspects of production. Prior to that, she wrote and shot only the short film "Cabiria, Charity, Chastity" of 2017. Nevertheless, she wrote several episodes of this series, led the finale, and confidently mastered her character's unusual bow.

Her Nadia is initially stubborn, ruthless and uninterested in emotional relationships – a familiar character type. However, as the series progresses, it is surprisingly deeply explored how and why she has built a wall between her and the rest of the world. At the heart of all these bad decisions is a loyal, self-reflective person, and this dependable, witty series embarrasses us at regular intervals with moments of distress and insight.

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The reviews for "Russian doll" radiated. In the review MetaCritic 89 reviews were awarded – all positive. Todd VanDerWerff (Vox) writes, "The series is probably too weird to win a bunch of Emmys, but if God wants, Lyonne is nominated. She is so good. " Judy Berman (Time) adds, "Nadia's peculiarity is paramount. Her bow feels like the ideal fusion of Lyonne's rugged authenticity, Headland's bitter humor, and the warm, humanistic perspective that characterizes Poehler's work. " Caroline Framke (Variety) says Nadia is "a complex role worth [Lyonne’s] impressive growl and talent. "

Lyonne is already an Emmy nominee who has applied for "OITNB" (2014) as Best Comedy Guest Actress. However, with "Russian doll" she could go a long way, possibly leading to it Donald Glover ("Atlanta"), Bill Hader ( "Barry") Lena Dunham ("Girl") and more, who have collected multiple nominations for their unique work on both sides of the camera. And hopefully VanDerWerff is wrong, because this show is too weird for the Emmys. I think it's just funny enough.

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