Emotional Frans Bauer: ‘I don’t know if I have processed this’

Chris Bauer, Frans Bauer’s father, was in hospital in 2015 with pneumonia. During visiting hours, Frans came across the resuscitation by accident. “When I came in during visiting hours, I came to a resuscitation,” says Frans in the barber chair of presenter Özcan. “I see myself coming out of that elevator again, I see myself coming out of the hallway and I see them busy behind a canvas. And in the end it turns out to be your father.” At that moment, tears welled up in his eyes. “It’s something very crazy, even terrifying when I think about it. Such resuscitation. I don’t know if I’ll ever process that.”

In the broadcast, Frans also shows a precious ring with his father’s fingerprint on it. He got it from his sons on the first Father’s Day when Frans’ own father was gone. “I’ll never forget it that morning.”

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