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Some fans live with skin and hair for their band. Companies will probably not expect that much enthusiasm from their employees.

Enthusiastic employees do more – that is the basic assumption of “Employee Experience” (EX). What has long been common in marketing is now also found in HR departments: the focus on “the customers”, their perceptions and feelings. An inventory of the trend of the hour.

“Customer and employee experiences are interrelated,” says Felicitas von Kyaw. This became clear to the Human Resources Director of Coca-Cola European Partners Germany at Vattenfall, where she was responsible for HR in the “Customers & Solutions” business area. Working agile was very popular there, as was the case with her new employer. That is why she has since been concerned with the question of how HR can support these new forms of work. “It’s about putting yourself in the position of the employees and seeing them as internal customers,” she explains the principle of “Employee Experience”.

As a member of the executive committee of the BMP, she has been driving the topic in the staff association for three years. To break up the process thinking of HR in favor of an increased customer orientation and thus “start a small revolution”, that is Felicitas von Kyaw’s plan. Because a good process alone does not guarantee a good experience for employees – and that is what ultimately counts. Be

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PM 08 2021

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