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Employees sue Riot Games for gender discrimination

Riot Games, responsible for League of Legends, have recently been criticized for various internal problems in their work environment. The company was accused of having a toxic work environment, where discriminatory attitudes predominate, especially towards women.

Given this, Riot Games is committed to improving issues of diversity and inclusion. However, this controversy seems far from over, because several employees chose to start a legal process against the company.

According to a report from KotakuBoth current and former employees filed a class action lawsuit for gender discrimination and for encouraging a culture that gives priority to men.

Several employees claim that they do not have the same payment or remuneration as some men. They also emphasize the continuous harassment in the workplace, full of sexist acts, misconduct and prejudice.

The lawsuit states that Riot Games did not respect the equal pay law and the law against gender discrimination in a workplace, both in force in California, United States. The plaintiffs seek compensation for damages of various kinds and for an unfair salary.

Jessica Negron, one of the affected, revealed that many times the behavior that harms women is rewarded, which caused little by little a toxicity that has gotten out of control. He also commented that the complaints have not been well received by managers and other senior positions of the company.

The lawsuit seeks that Riot creates a true work culture where harassment and discrimination are out. The company refrained from commenting on the legal dispute, but a spokesman said they always hear complaints and accusations on these issues.

We will have to wait to know the progress of this problem and to know if the corresponding authorities will sanction the company. Meanwhile, you can visit this link to know all the news about League of Legends.



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