Employers increasingly ask staff for QR code

In several sectors, employees must show a valid QR code in the coronacheck app before they are allowed to work. If the employees refuse to do so, in some cases they cannot continue their work. This happens in any case in the cleaning and construction sector, according to BNR’s inquiries with industry associations.

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Industry association Schoonmaakd Nederland says it knows many cases where showing the QR code is a condition for entering a building. ‘That is unacceptable, as it is not legally substantiated’, says director Rob Rommelse. ‘If employees can’t do their job because of this, that’s a bad thing.’

They have also encountered this situation several times at industry association Bouwend Nederland. ‘We have certainly seen that clients first want to see a QR code of employees. Private individuals also sometimes ask for this. If the employee then refuses to show the code, they are sometimes taken off the job,” said a spokesperson.

Bouwend Nederland, unlike Schoonmaakd Nederland, does not consider it a major problem if employees are asked for a QR code: ‘For example, if you as a client have poor health, then it is logical that you ask the employees whether they have a QR code. have code.’

According to the AWVN employees’ association, the current law creates a gray area, which creates uncertainty for both employer and employee. ‘It is not clear in the law what is now possible and what is not. That is necessary, because an employer must make the working environment safe for its employees,’ says Jannes van der Velde of the AWVN.

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