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Empoli, Corsi: "Juventus is interested, but I'm sorry"

To the microphones of Calciomercato.com the president of Empoli intervened Fabrizio Corsi who commented on the latest controversy following Juventus' defeat against SPAL:

President Corsi, considering the results obtained by your competitors in the last round of the championship, do you look more optimistically at tonight's match against Atalanta?

"No, the results of the others are in line with what the championship is saying. There has been some surprise but everything passes by us. It is not the first prohibitive encounter that happens to us, we were frightening to Juventus, beaten Napoli. Against the big ones we have always done some excellent performances, I'm sure we won't find an Atalanta distracted like the first leg and that we beat ".

Your coach Andreazzoli and that of Bologna Mihajlovic complained about a Juventus match in Ferrara with several Primavera or under 23 players: what was your idea?

"Look, I tell you right away that I have heard things that are not very true and I want to point out: there are those who say what is false by asserting that Naples has come to Empoli doing a turnover. It was exactly the opposite, that is, complete. Milik, Mertens, Allan, Zielinski, Koulibaly are not reservations, unfortunately there is little to do, Juventus is interested in tomorrow's fundamental commitment to Ajax, which is one of the most serious and professional companies in the world. of what I saw and the final result, Juventus lost two games in the league: with Genoa they were back from the match against Atletico Madrid, it's our fault if we didn't take advantage of it on the first leg when they were always tired for a commitment in the Champions League ".


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