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A news, which seems unusual, travels the world: CNN affirms that there are shortages in supermarkets in the United States. He added that those who run the establishments see no short-term solution, while “disgruntled” shoppers have “vented their frustration on social media.”

Images of empty shelves at stores like Trader Joe’s, Giant Foods and Publix amaze those who still don’t buy the fact that there can be shortages in the land of consumerism.

According to CNN, the causes of the shortage are multiple. The two years of the pandemic and the impact of the disease on the lack of personnel for functions such as transportation and logistics, which in turn affects the delivery of products and the replenishment of stores.

The National Association of Grocers indicates that many of its members have less than 50% of their workforce. Added to this is a continuing shortage of truckers and record congestion at ports.

US imports were worth $2.4 trillion in 2020, according to Statista. The demand for imported food products grew because it is cheaper to bring them than to produce them. Consumption patterns that favor frozen and packaged products, which require a powerful industry for permanent supply, also have an influence.

Due to the pandemic, import levels have decreased due to the impossibility of guaranteeing the transfer of goods from one country to another, and this affects the supply chain, to which is added the lack of qualified personnel to work, due to the increase in infections within the country due to the circulation of the Ómicron strain.

CNN reported that sick leave represents 60% of the total infections in the country, to which is added isolation due to quarantines and distancing protocols.

Added to this scenario are the adverse weather conditions, with very low temperatures, as well as drought and fires that damaged crops such as wheat, corn, soybeans and coffee.

Today, in addition, the population suffers from the panic of scarcity and goes to hoard, which contributes to a greater and rapid decrease in supplies.

The increase in empty shelves and prices also poses a danger to Biden and the Democrats, when the narrative of the Republicans dismantles the ineffectiveness of the president, who promised, when he took office, to contain COVID-19 and the economic dislocation for millions and millions of Americans. The crisis that the pandemic has implied is visible even in the country that sustains its abundance at the expense of the world.