Emre Mor bomb from Trabzonspor! | Black Sea Newspaper

Trabzonspor, the last champion of Spor Toto Super League, continues its activities without slowing down. It was claimed that the 5th name in the target of the burgundy blues, who added 4 players to their squad, was Emre Mor. It was claimed that the Black Sea Storm started attempts for the 24-year-old player, who is allegedly on the agenda of Fenerbahçe. Here are the details…

Trabzonspor, the last champion of the Super League, wants to continue the success it achieved last season this season as well.

In addition to the Super League and Ziraat Turkish Cup in the new season, the burgundy blue people who want to stay in the UEFA Champions League groups are planning to establish a squad with quite alternatives.

It has been claimed that the other name in the target of Trabzonspor, which has added 4 players to its staff since the transfer period began, is Emre Mor.

According to the news of 61TrabzonHaber; It was stated that Trabzonspor has been in talks for a while for the 24-year-old player, whose name is also mentioned with Fenerbahçe.

While it was added in the details of the news that the possibility of this transfer to take place was high, it was claimed that Trabzonspor would make the last move by meeting with Karagümrük president Süleyman Hurma, according to the information received from the Karagümrük club front.


Süleyman Hurma said, “There are many offers for Emre Mor.

I want to keep it on the roster if I can.

Andrea Pirlo does not say that I came here to do mundane work.

We hope to offer him those opportunities,” he said.


Emre Mor, who was hired by the Istanbul representative from Celta Vigo last season, had the chance to play in 29 competitions.

The 24-year-old player succeeded in airing the opponent’s nets 6 times.

Experienced player gave 4 goal pass to his teammates.


An agreement was reached between Fatih Karagümrük and Celta Vigo on the transfer of Emre Mor.

The rights of the 24-year-old player, who could not find the chance to play in the La Liga representative, passed to the Istanbul team.

Emre Mor’s contract details have not yet been announced.

The current market value of the 24-year-old football player is shown as 1 million 700 thousand euros.