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Day-to-day entertainer Dagmar Rivera introduced her boyfriend José Cruz in front of the cameras of Dando Candela while attending Marc Anthony's concert last weekend.
To questions from the entertainment program about how they met Cruz said that in "work things". "I usually go to his program a lot with my guys to different types of interviews and I say (Dagmar is known for many years), for my work too, so suddenly, here we are, we are here sharing a lot".
"I feel good, I'm happy, I'm happy, calm, enjoying every stage, every moment with him," said Rivera.
He also shared that both enjoy much of the "good food, good music, art and we are campers", because they enjoy going camper together in the area of ​​Vega Baja, activity that take advantage of to get away from everything and be quiet.
As for who took the first step in the relationship, Dagmar said "he sent me flowers".
Also both assured that they do not have expectations and that they only live "day by day, every 24 hours".

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