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Home News Encouraged by his attorney general, Trump Mueller report directly addresses

Encouraged by his attorney general, Trump Mueller report directly addresses

"The President clearly feels that the Mueller report has been finalized," said Eric Bolling, a former Fox News presenter who recently had a radio interview with Mr. Trump. "He will continue to remind the American people that it was right that there are no signs of collusion with Russia."

Other outside surrogates have mirrored Mr. Trump's line – that the narrative is already established and it is too late for new facts to change – although members of the team of the special advocate have expressed concern that Mr. Barr's letter is not the content of the report was accurately presented.

"The fact is that there was no collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, no obstruction of justice, and President Trump was fully confirmed," said Boris Epshteyn, a former White House employee who is now the main political commentator for Sinclair Broadcast acts group. "No enemy spin will change that."

However, critics said the strategy was classic Trump – effective with a narrow audience, but ultimately self-limiting. "He has probably succeeded in defining the story for his key backers and hardening their attitudes, but at the expense of those who believe him when the report comes out, and undeniably undermines what he claims," ​​said Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller under former President Barack Obama. "The same things that consolidate his base only prevent him from expanding beyond that."

Neal K. Katyal, who served as Attorney General in the Obama administration, said such an approach could backfire. "Whatever Trump was thinking when he claimed total relief two weeks ago, subsequent events strongly suggest that the claim will remain on the face," he said. "And because Trump demanded full relief from the report, he generated massive public pressure on the publication of the full report."

Within the White House, there is only a bare plan on how to deal with the publication of the edited report. It is expected that Emmet T. Flood, the White House attorney, will spend the day reading the report and informing the President of his findings.

The White House did not ask to read the report in advance, and the staff plan to speed up the reading. They intend to skip the sections relating to a potential criminal conspiracy, and instead raise two unanswered questions that Mr. Trump himself wants to ignore: why Robert S. Muller III, the special advocate, could not determine whether Mr. Trump obstructed the judiciary, and what the attorney general meant when he wrote in his letter that "much" of the president's behavior was public – which meant it was not.


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