End of an era: Feyenoord drivers now drive around in BMWs

Two parties from the same ‘year of construction’ join forces. Feyenoord has entered into a four-year partnership with the Rotterdam BMW dealer Breeman. The players, staff and staff of Feyenoord will soon be driving around in a BMW of their choice. This brings to an end the years of cooperation between the Rotterdam club and Opel.

Opel first decorated the Feyenoord shirt in 1984 and has been associated with the Rotterdam club for a total of almost thirty years since then. The decision not to continue that collaboration was also a bit of a necessity. Opel has been in the hands of the French car group PSA Groupe since 2017. “They don’t want anything to do with football. We’ve known that for a year and a half,” said Mark Koevermans, general manager of Feyenoord. “So we went looking for another party.”

The club thus ended up at Breeman. Not entirely coincidental, because the dealer already delivers cars to Sparta. In addition, both Feyenoord and Breeman were founded in 1908. Moreover, Feyenoord was able to arrange the best commercial deal with Breeman. “We have to show that we are worth that in the coming years,” says Koevermans.

Red and white copy

He does not yet know what the director will drive himself. “I’m a bit older myself, so maybe a higher car,” he laughs. A red and white BMW, with the logo of Feyenoord and Breeman, shows off in the showroom of the Rotterdam company. In any case, Leroy Fer, Dick Advocaat or Mark Koevermans will not drive around in that car, says Breeman director Jan Koolen.

“That car was made for promotional purposes. I think a lot of people would like to drive it, but -ie was not made for that.” The players have now selected their cars. Crazy wishes were not there, says Koolen. “That is well regulated by Feyenoord.”

Main sponsor

The cars are not simply given away. “We really want to sell as many cars as possible. This is a certain way to achieve that.”

The partnership with Opel later grew into a main sponsorship. Koolen does not see that happening at BMW. “I don’t think BMW wants to become the main sponsor. And if BMW doesn’t want to, it just isn’t possible.”


The deal was already settled before the corona crisis, which has also slashed considerably in the car business with falling sales figures. But there were no doubts to let the deal go through. “Fortunately we have some meat on the bones. A man a man, a word a word. And I think that is also Rotterdam.”


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