End of journey after start of journey / police stop car with trailer

Darmstadt (ots) –

The drive of a 50-year-old man came to an end after a very short time on Thursday afternoon (May 12). A patrol from the Traffic Inspectorate of the South Hesse Police Headquarters noticed the team at around 3:50 p.m. in Hügelstraße because the load was not secured, just as it was about to set off. During the subsequent inspection of the car and the trailer, which was almost fully loaded with metal parts, the police officers found blatant technical defects. Two of the tires were so worn that part of the fabric showed. In addition, the braking system of the trailer was not working. The trailer was no longer allowed to drive on the road and the associated Serbian license plates were secured. The 50-year-old had to provide a security deposit of 120 euros and will now have to answer in a lawsuit.

Original content from: Police Headquarters South Hesse, transmitted by news aktuell