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End of production of the A380, unemployment, Juppé to the Constitutional Council … The news of this Thursday morning

Airbus. It was expected (read our article), Airbus has announced the end of production of the A380, his flagship whose deliveries will cease in 2021, announced Tom Enders in a statement on Thursday, after the company Emirates decided reduce orders for 39 A380s.

Juppé at the "Wise". Surprised by size, former Prime Minister Alain Juppé is in the process of succeeding Lionel Jospin on the Constitutional Council, where he will join Senators Jacques Mézard and François Pillet. He has announced that he will step down as mayor in Bordeaux. Read the reactions of the Bordelais · es.

Unemployment. The unemployment rate is down 0.3 point to 8.8% of the workforce in France (excluding Mayotte) in the fourth quarter of 2018, its lowest level since 2009, according to preliminary figures from INSEE published Thursday. .

Venezuela. Opponent Juan Guaido announced Thursday the appointment of a new management for Citgo, the US subsidiary of the national oil company, in an additional attempt to economically suffocate the government of President Nicolas Maduro. At the Colombian border, humanitarian aid from the United States is still blocked. Read our report.

Haiti. Violent clashes erupted again Wednesday in Port-au-Prince between the police and demonstrators, killing at least one person, while the streets of Haiti's main cities have been occupied for nearly a week by protesters who challenge the power in place.

Boxer yellow vest. More than a month after the fact, the 37-year-old man appeared Wednesday in the Paris Criminal Court for violently striking two gendarmes. He was sentenced to thirty months' imprisonment, twelve of which were firm and could be converted into day parole. Read our story.

In Libé

Carbon tax. The "climate energy contribution" launched the yellow vests movement before being handed over by the executive. In recent days, parliamentarians and some ministers put the subject back on the table. Barely revived, the debate was immediately cropped Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron, for whom a "rise in taxation" is not the answer to the "anger" expressed by the movement of yellow vests. Read our edition of the day.

To be continued

Unemployment. After two weeks of suspension, the difficult negotiations on the reform of unemployment insurance resume Thursday and near the decisive moment with a draft comprehensive agreement put on the table by employers.

Mountain peak. The Russian, Iranian and Turkish Presidents meet on Thursday in southern Russia to try to revive the settlement of the conflict in Syria as the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group is cornered and Washington prepares for its military withdrawal.

In images, in pictures

Interview. Every Thursday, a comic strip seen by the little end of the spyglass. Today, meeting with the king of Japanese science fiction, Tsutomu Nihei, who dwells on two decades of metamorphoses of his drawing, pages furious and saturated with black "Blame!" To the white who presides today in "Aposimz".

Green wire

Environment. Every year in the European Union, about 21,000 tonnes of lead, heavy metal, are dumped into the wild by hunting enthusiasts. See our infographic.




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