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End of the dominance of Chrome and Google: Android leaves you free to choose

In order to comply with the decision of the European Commission, Google will now display two messages to Android users: one to choose the search engine used and the other to choose the web browser.

Google takes advantage of the dominant position of Android to impose its services, including its search engine and web browser. This is in any case the verdict made by the European Commission in 2018, enjoining the American giant to comply, which the latter has of course accepted.

More choice

" Users have always been able to customize their Android devices according to their preferences, Says Google in a press release, "this includes customizing the design, installing all the desired applications and choosing the services to use by default such as Google Chrome". Thus, two new screens will be displayed to users launching for the first time the Google Play Store, leaving respectively the choice of the search engine used and the browser.

It is specified that each screen will propose 5 choices of applications – including those already installed -, randomly ranked and selected according to their popularity among the very good alternatives offered on the Play Store. Small subtlety: already installed applications (including Google Chrome and Google, usually integrated natively on smartphones) will remain at the top of the list.

Google also indicates that when downloading a new search engine on the device, Chrome will display a banner to suggest the user to use it by default in his browser.

A deployment for all

This update will be rolled out in the coming weeks. These personalization windows will appear on new smartphones marketed in Europe, but also on existing Android phones, except for pixels, which are directly manufactured by Google.

Apple is far worse than Google and Microsoft in anti-competitive practices


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