end of the extension of the terraces on October 31 but already requests for the summer of 2022

That’s it, it’s the end of the extension of terraces. The city which had allowed professionals to extend their terraces when they resumed activity on May 19 has set the end date for October 31. They would like to perpetuate this measure next summer.

In many cities, the device of ephemeral terraces was to stop on September 30, 2021. But faced with the popularity of this measure, some municipalities have chosen to extend it until October 31, this was the case for Strasbourg.

At the time, on April 16 to be precise, the Strasbourg town hall announced the creation of a special commission to manage and frame the extension of the terraces of the city’s restaurateurs and cafeterias. Around 200 of Strasbourg’s 350 terraces have benefited from it, according to Jacques Chomentowski, president of the restaurant and drinking establishments at the UMIH du Bas-Rhin.

The goal of the extensions was, at the base, to give us the possibility of accommodating the same number of people while keeping the distance “ he adds. Corn “It is true that once the gauges disappeared, the restaurateurs and bar owners took the opportunity to welcome more people and we were all very happy. It still allowed us to work well after months of closure “ explains the representative of the UMIH.

Professionals in the sector knew this: “the deal with the town hall was not certain, we all knew that it was going to stop but even if this generalized formula stops, nothing will prevent an operator from asking for an extension of his terrace” explains Jacques Chomentowski.

Extension requests already launched for next summer

For the time being, the end of the terrace extensions does not change much for the main stakeholders. “The temperatures are dropping, it’s winter, it doesn’t matter if we have to remove the extensions, however what about next year?” tells us Franck Meunier, owner of twelve establishments in Strasbourg.

Last summer, he applied for an extension to 80% of these establishments and he is already anticipating. “There we had to make the request for the summer terraces 2022 to the town hall and I have already requested extensions on some of them” he adds.

Many professionals in the sector are in his case. Next year, restaurants and bars are convinced that the covid effect will not be over. According to them, the public will always be asking to meet outside in the outdoors. They therefore hope to be able to respond present.

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