End of the family and the body is waiting to receive. 10 scenes from the departure of Haitham Ahmed Zaki


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"Live and Die Alone", the most common phrases on various social media platforms, during the past hours, to describe the situation in which the young artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, at the age of 35, after he suffered a drop in blood circulation.

Al Masry Al Youm monitors a number of prominent scenes in his life and the day of his funeral:

– Before his death and in his last dialogue with «Al-Masry Al-Youm» said «I am a person is not social and may be one of the reasons for staying away after any technical step achieved».

– Haytham died at the age of 35, like his mother, who died at that age in 1993 due to complications of cancer.

– Workers in the compound in which he lived, in Sheikh Zayed City, stated that he went out at dawn to buy medicine from a pharmacy.

– He felt distress and stomach ache days before his departure.

– «concluded Haddot» .. Words summarize the end of his family's small trip, which began with six individuals are: «Father (Ahmed Zaki), mother (Hala Fouad), the only son (Haitham), and uncle (Hisham Fouad), and grandfather (Ahmed Fouad) Grandma », and ended with the departure of the last of its members at 35 years.

– Death is very normal .. That was one of the prominent statements of the President of the representative professions Ashraf Zaki after the controversy about the cause of death.

– The reason behind the delay of the funeral prayer is that «there is no limit of his family receive it, and contacted the attorney general and decided that I received the body, because this prayer late text hour» .. That was one of the most prominent scenes in the late artist.

– From the same place where his late father Ahmad Zaki was attending the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mohandessin 14 years ago, the body of the only son who inherited unity from his father was funeral – as he put it in a previous television interview.

– After a delay of more than two hours, the body arrived to pray for his soul, amid the shouts of the audience to «there is no god but God».

– Producer Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz revealed the last contact with the late and said, “The last time we talked for 15 days, we were thinking, will we die when we meet your father and father? When we meet them Hankolhm eh and Haikololna eh? "I have preceded me and roasted them … Peace is honesty to the extent that Igilkua, my brother … God bless you Haitham, my brother …".

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