End with Covid-19 restrictions to shake the public / Article

Kariņš also referred to the World Health Organization (WHO) forecast that 60% of Europeans will get sick in this wave of Covid-19. “If that is the case, then the right and proper protection is vaccination – that is where the emphasis should be, not on restrictions,” he said.

“We have to stop shaking society, we have to say one simple message – let’s get vaccinated, wear masks and test. So people can protect themselves well,” said Kariņš.

“All the energy should be put into ensuring that a person can get a third or the first pot,” said Kariņš, emphasizing that those vaccinated with Covid-19 are not severely ill and that is good news.

“I really urge you to relax. Get the third pot – that’s the most important thing anyone can do. Or get the first pot. Wear masks. And continue to live peacefully because we can’t stop life. This is the third year of a pandemic. It seems to me that “We have learned that the main responsibility lies with each individual,” he said.

He reminded that our country is not like China, where the central authority makes the apartments sit for months. “We will not do it and we will not do it,” Kariņš said.


As the spread of the omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus poses a threat to business continuity, additional steps should be taken to ensure the distance of people, Health Minister Daniel Pavluts said this week (“For Development / For!”).

Due to the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia, an emergency situation is in force until February 28.

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