Tony Stark wore a unique new armor in Avenger: Infinity War Composed of complex nanotechnology and official conceptual drawings, it shows exactly how Marvel designed the new Battle Ready look. The Mark L armor was Tony Stark's most advanced armor yet. It was nanotechnology with incredible flexibility – but it had a very different look, inspired by its Endo-Sym armor.

As the Avengers: Prelude to the Infinity War Tony Stark believed that it was only a matter of time before the Earth launched another alien invasion. SIGN. had been destroyed, the Avengers had destroyed themselves, and the attempt to assemble a new team proved more complicated than he had expected. For protection of the earth, Stark immediately created armor that would make him a massive threat to any intruder. However, early conceptual drawings revealed some alternative looks that Stark would have thought of before arriving at the film's final look.

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Concept art published in The Art of the Avenger: Infinity War (over: @akaspidey) gives a closer look at Iron Man's earlier suit designs for the movie. In the book, an approach to Stark's suit would have taken more elements from the Endo-Sym Armor design, using liquid metal to make the suit. The liquid material emerges from Tony's arc reactor, spreads across his body and hardens to suit. While the Mark L armor used in the film borrowed similar elements, the suit in the film draws on liquid metal for nanotechnology, but still has a much more organic look than Stark's suits in earlier films.

According to visual development concept illustrator Phil Saunders, the challenge with designing this armor was that it was made without reference. Previous armor was based on real technology, eliminating jet airplane or automobile concepts. However, the Mark L is not inspired by such ideas. As he explained, "I've just tried a bunch of different approaches on how to work that out. You do not have to have rigid panels with cuts or gaps in between and tech in the traditional sense."

The versatility of the finished look is effectively demonstrated in a series of Concept Art images showing Iron Man in flight. The images seamlessly change from a fairly ordinary look, in which Stark flies with glowing hands and prepares to fire offenders, to versions that contain ailerons and powerful cannons. An early concept seems to have included modular attachments, e.g. B. a backpack with additional nanotech for ailerons. This look was eventually abandoned in favor of the streamlined look, all contained in a single breast unit. As a result, the creative team of Iron Man Avenger: Infinity War The most advanced armor Tony Stark has ever worn is very interesting, and it will be interesting to see how his suit develops or remains Avenger 4.

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Source: Marvel's Avenger: Infinity War – The Art of Film (via @akaspidey)

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