Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Enedis and DTH : installation in two phases


Enedis and DTH : installation in two time

Then he began in 2016, the deployment of the meter Linky by Enedis is given until 2021 (1) to equip all homes in the Vienna, of which he is the provider. A calendar listed on their website under the tab “Linky soon for you” which details the progress of the facilities shared in common. We learn, as well as the installation is completed, among other things, for Buxerolles (706 meters), Montamisé (86), Ligugé (1.092) or Civray (831). The facilities continue to Poitiers with 14.510 Linky installed, but also in Loudun and Châtellerault, where have been respectively placed in service 114 and 62 counters.
A deployment that will begin in January 2019, for customers Soregies in which the network is managed by SRD. the ” We are on a schedule shifted due to the technological choice which has been made to finalize the change of equipment with the G3 version of the Linky so that we had worked on the version of G1, which we have installed 2,000 copies on the department, explains Pascal Grimaud, chairman of the management board of the DTH. in Enedis being owner of the information system used by the Linky, we have contracted with the Atos group, to build our own system which we hope that it ensures completely security of trade. Operational next June, he will let us in a first time to change the 2,000 meters installed in the old version before putting in place 150.000 in our customers between 2019 and 2023 (1). And to address the varying reluctance or polemical, we are planning to organize, by the end of 2018, meeting for elected officials, but why not the general public, and to begin the deployment of the structures at the commune. “
(1) The deployment must be completed no later than 2024.

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