Enel X: some tips on how to preserve batteries with electric cars parked in the garage

The regulations against the spread of the pandemic from Coronavirus predict that people can leave the house only in cases of real need. It follows, for example, that the cars could stand still in the garage for a long time, even for several months without ever moving. Although the electric cars need less maintenance overall than the endothermic ones, the Traction batteries can suffer from long stops.

Enel X has published a document called “Electric Vehicle Maintenance Tips for COVID-19 Shelter in Place“within which offers some suggestions on how to preserve the health of electric cars in this period. Nothing new, actually, but practices that are always useful to remember.


In the document, Enel X highlights that it is however important to pay a minimum of attention also on the maintenance of electric cars during long stops. The main problem is the “vampire drain” phenomenon, that is, of a slow but constant loss of energy due essentially to the fact that the battery continues to supply the systems on board the car. Enel X talk about a loss of 1-2% per day which is certainly a value a little too high but it is undeniable that there is a small but continuous loss. A phenomenon more evident in case of very low temperatures.

In the long run, the level of energy present in the battery of the electric car it can therefore drop significantly. Leave the battery too low for too long can damage it by promoting early degradation. Enel X, in its guidelines, suggests to keep the charge level between 40% and 80% to keep batteries in good health. In the document, the company suggests using his JuiceBox wallbox to ensure that the state of charge of the battery is always constant in case of long stops.

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In this way, the JuiceBox will automatically keep the energy level inside the battery stable at all times. Obviously, those who do not own the Enel X wallbox will be able to do the same with another power solution. The important is to keep stable and above a certain level the charge of the battery of the electric car. Enel X also suggests further more general practices concerning the car as a whole, such as covering it with a sheet to protect the bodywork.

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