Energetically strong time – horoscope for all zodiac signs from 25.05. until 31.05.


Be careful in money matters and business transactions, beware of material damage. If you want to experience something unusual, give in to the momentum of the first moment, do not turn away if you are addressed on the street or on public transport. The pace of life may drop over the weekend. If good people next door – rejoice; if not – relax, rethink life. Protects health, does not overwork or overwork.


Listen carefully to what we hear we say, but do not comment on what we hear. Don’t defend your opinion, much less your opinion. More attention will be paid to home life and the demands of loved ones. This weekend does not create illusions that you can do more than others. Refrain from reckless actions and frivolous entertainments. When talking to loved ones, control your emotions, follow your expressions.


Ingenuity and fresh ideas will come in handy when discussing future plans with friends. Follow your interests – this will be the best way to avoid routine. Don’t get into conflicts at work. If in doubt about the integrity of the leadership, do not rush with criticism. Even if this is true, you will not achieve anything with anger alone – tactically more thoughtful and smarter action will be needed.


In the coming days, as the pace of life accelerates, more concentration and caution will be needed. One wrong step dictated by emotions can cause a series of troubles. Do not attach too much importance to details, do not draw hasty conclusions. You just think that time is short – in fact, it will be enough, you just have to plan properly.


Conflicts with family members will not be easy to avoid. You will be able to be disturbed even by the most insignificant things, possible outbursts of emotions, reproaches, insults. Those who are accustomed to seeing you in balance and restraint will be surprised by your behavior. It is not recommended to borrow or lend money on the weekend. Misunderstandings, confusion and misconceptions are possible.


You will be strong and unshakable only externally, internally long and painfully survive every failure. Avoid secret, ulterior motives, do not allow you to break up any friendship or jealousy. Be wary of new cooperation offers. Refrain from commitments that restrict your freedom and individuality. Rely more on yourself.


It will be difficult to remain indifferent when discussing money and welfare issues. Some illusions can be lost, hopes can be disappointed. Significant changes are possible in the value system that has satisfied you so far. As the weekend approaches, think more about rest and health. Be aware of your weaknesses and try to “patch” them. In matters of money, austerity is observed.


Don’t plan big business deals. In a contentious situation, try to step aside, not act in spite of someone. Even if you act with the best of intentions, your work will not be much appreciated. In your free time, take the opportunity to improve your physical shape by playing sports or engaging in active recreation. Avoid excessive pleasures and noisy entertainment.


Do not lose sight of those who disagree with you in the coming days. Their twisted intrigues can create a tense atmosphere. If you can’t recognize the cunning in time, you could fall into the trap of a bad guy. Later you will have to admit that it is not worth believing the promises of the boss – your achievements will be forgotten, you will feel underestimated. Draw conclusions, treat the situation as a valuable lesson.


Don’t seek change, don’t look for new impressions. The usual environment and family will provide enough positive emotions. In stressful times, you can count on the support and understanding of loved ones. Starting Friday, there may be a lot of flattering and hypocritical people around you – don’t trust them! Be wary of compliments and compliments.


Don’t try to prove anything to anyone. Those who want to support you will not need additional arguments. You can get good news, gratifying news. Later, try not to catch the eye of the boss when he is in a bad mood. Don’t ask stupid questions, don’t get involved in things that are not within your competence. Keep track of your spending, don’t buy anything superfluous.


As a result of psychological pressure, you may feel worse in the coming days. Do nothing that is against your beliefs. Don’t take responsibility for selfish calculations or to please anyone. Neither reason will be worth it to do what you don’t like. In the future, pay more attention to friends. In times of confusion and frustration, they will help you not to lose optimism.

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