Energy crisis. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on peace with Russia on partnership terms

– We are in an absolutely crucial moment. The pressure on the financial market is growing. Not too long ago, one pound cost two dollars. Currently, it is close to parity. What does it mean? The biggest economies in the world like the UK are in trouble. Putin manages to bring the Western world into a state of uncertainty and tremors – Prime Minister Morawiecki said in his speech at the international conference “Europe-Poland-Ukraine. Rebuild Together” in Warsaw.

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Prime Minister in firm words about the fight against the crisis

Morawiecki, speaking during the conference, said that the tool of Russian politics has become “increasingly brutal aggression and escalation of various types of threats and blackmail”. – At the same time, apart from this battlefield in Ukraine, the military field, we are dealing with other battlefields a bit more hidden from the eyes of citizens – he said.

He named the “propaganda battlefield”. – For which we – who experienced communism – know very well how Russia, and the USSR before that, are excellent in this, said the head of government. He emphasized that this field should not be forgotten, because “if support for the fight for freedom, democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine decreases, it will be much more difficult to obtain financial support and weapons – send them there”.

He assessed that Russia was behaving like a drug dealer towards Europe. – The drug dealer reportedly also gives the first two doses for free, in order to attract the one who becomes the victim. And this is how Russia behaved towards Germany, towards Western Europe. It gave cheap gas – said Morawiecki. He stated that “the real cost of the cheap gas that Russia has been selling to Germany and half of Western Europe is today’s crisis.”

Peace With Russia Is Possible?

The prime minister stressed that The West, including Poland, fights for peace “not on the basis of bandits, but for peace on the basis of partnerships.

We want to live in peace with Russia, we want to cooperate with Russia normally. But not with Russia, which puts the gun to its headwhich destroys the development opportunities of entrepreneurs all over Europe, which has carried out a 15-year operation of entangling half of Europe with a gas spider web – he stressed.

“Security Architecture”

The head of the government mentioned as another condition of the new security architecture the necessity to “draw more countries with aspirations to join the EU into the orbit of cooperation”. – Fourth, peace has its price and this price has to be paid by properly arming our army, but also by strengthening the defense system within NATO – said the Prime Minister.

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