Energy diagnostics: too many errors and significant discrepancies depending on the

The energy performance diagnosis (DPE), which classifies dwellings from A to G according to their energy consumption and their impact on the climate, is compulsory in dwellings intended to be inhabited. Problem, these diagnoses are unreliable, points out the magazine 60 Million consumers which found substantial differences depending on the professional in charge of the diagnosis.

Less well-classified accommodation gradually banned from renting

However, the stakes are high. Between 2023 and 2028, the lowest ranked accommodation will be gradually banned from renting. For his test, carried out in February and March 2022, 60 Million consumers joined forces with the owners of four houses, in Toulouse, Corbeil-Essonnes, in the suburbs of Bordeaux and in a village in Haute-Garonne. Each owner called on five different diagnosticians and the magazine also called on an independent expert.

“The diagnosticians are not doing a good enough job”

However, the DPEs carried out include “mistakes galore” , emphasizes Fanny Guibert, section manager at the magazine, with sometimes differences of two categories from one to the other. Erroneous date of construction, number of doors or windows incorrectly assessed, forgotten heat pump… “On the data side, the diagnosticians are not doing a good enough job”, she judges. Since July 2021, it has been possible to go to court if the DPEs contain errors.

Better training of professionals

The magazine, which addressed the Ministry of Ecological Transition, therefore calls for better training for professionals. “There must indeed be much more homogeneous practices” , recognized Minister Amélie de Montchalin on France Inter.