Energy drinks: beware of a heart attack!


  • Containing in particular caffeine, taurine, and sugar, these drinks are dangerous for heart health
  • In France, they are often consumed on festive occasions

Who has never been tempted to take a good drink of energy drink in case of a little slack? Be careful, however: these products are to be consumed in moderation. A recent publication of BMJ Case Report indeed reports several cases of heart attacks occurring after having the consumption of drinks such as Red Bull or Monster.

The study mentions in particular the case of a 21-year-old man who suffered a heart attack. The latter had consumed about four energy drinks a day for two years. The patient had other worrying symptoms such as weight loss, difficulty breathing while lying down and kidney problems.

For the doctors who followed him, no doubt: these health concerns are closely linked to his high consumption of energy drinks. “There was no significant medical, family or social history other than excessive consumption of an energy drink“, specify the latter.

Drinks accused of increasing heart rate and blood pressure

Previous studies have already highlighted the risks of this type of soda on heart health. These are generally composed caffeine, taurine, sugar, vitamins or even plant extracts such as ginseng or guarana.

If the ingredients that could make them dangerous are not specifically known, these drinks are suspected ofspeed up heart rate and increase blood pressure.

It is estimated that around 30% of American teens regularly consume energy drinks. In France, around 32% of consumers drink them on festive occasions (bars, nightclubs, concerts, etc.).